A Phoenix Like This
The next evolution for Lowbelly, this time energized by the flights of guitar fancy brought by the participation of artist Grant Olsen. On this album we did new tricks such as recording the drums upstairs for a more live ambience. Check out the doubled string quartet on "Whiskey Tango," the melancholy filter effects on "The World Is Drunk." Full on rock anthems such as "Summer's Eve" and "Engine So Small" are balanced by introspective improvisations such as "Sweet Tremoloa" and "It Might Even Be A Machine." Like the Letter L, this recording was handled with care at every stage of production and professionally mastered at the Lodge in New York.
Released 2006
FHM053 CD $10

Track Listing:
Sleep Orange Dream
Whiskey Tango (Rhumba)
It Might Even Be A Machine
Line Of Automobiles
Sweet Tremoloa
Blue Pilot-Cloth
The World Is Drunk
Summer's Eve
Manners, Manners
Snow White Bull
Scattered Posts
Smoking Jack
Engine So Small