Monster Dudes / Lowbelly

split cd
The debut recording of father/son (in this case) duo put onto a cd with Lowbelly's holiday themed recordings. The music on the disc is danceable at times, but always spooky, chilling or eerie. This release also properly introduces the children of Fort Hazel into the catalog. Not only is 4-year-old Venec in Monster Dudes, but the artwork for the cd was conjured by 7-year-old Jarrod, and 4-year-old Nico.
Released 2004
FHM050 CD $8

Track Listing:
Monster Dudes "fried eyes"
numbers 1-7
Lowbelly "hallowe'en e.p."
The Queen
Smokin' Jack
Key Boom
Isn't That Scary? (alt. take)
Island Q112
The Maze, Parts 1 and 2
Don't Open That Door
the Cage
Because of the Boxes
Sharks Among Us
Montage M407
Isn't That Scary? (alt. take)
Theme From Halloween
The Queen (reprise)