The Number 12
Part leftovers from "The Letter L" sessions, part holiday four-tracking in louisiana, part jazz experiment, all strange and beautiful. The Lowbelly expeience can vary quite a bit from one record to the next; this record is more electronic and experimental than average.
Released 2001
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Track List:
A Shepherd Has Come
Mackerel Sky
Call of the Llama (ranch mix)
the Tartar Men
Shoestring Sand
Jeremy's Waltz
Person, Place, Thing
Shake Culture
Rook Takes Knight
Pickle Stain
Arabic Nose (desert mix)
Bug Dust
Brian's 6/8
Fig Newtonian Dune Buggy
(of the)Demon Drink pts. 1-5
part 1: Mean Free Path
part 2: Tearful Vermillion
part 3: Permanent Finish
part 4: Dim Mist Over All The Earth
part 5: Deal with the Reflections
Troutdale (summer night mix)
Profane Varlet!
Keep-Alive Electrode

"Quaint melodic instrumentals on this disc feature hand drums, synthesizera, kazoos, found sounds and more. Almost like bizarre incidental music for video games. The titles evoke the images perfectly. 'Tartar Men' even made me brush my teeth!"
-- Orange Entropy Records Independent Reviews