Lowbelly and Friends
The third outing for Lowbelly, this time accompanied by about 50 of their closest friends from around the country and beyond. "Fun, complex;" "great background music for partying with friends..." -misc. reviewers
Released Summer 1998
FHM020 Cassette/CD $5/$8

Track Listing:
an old joke of mine
get down
fig newtonian dune buggy
every suit and hat in town
amp 5
honkeys & junkies
backwards K
space titanium
crayfish & crayons
variations on a girl
santo d'medio
baby, it can't wait 'til later
elephant baby
amp 4
the elevator tune
plastic monster woody
jump up and down
it feels good

Jeremy VG, Tristan Andreas, Akiko Izumiyama, Ambrose Richardson, Andy Agenbroad, Ben Iddings, Ben Kline, Beth Venable, Bowen Adajian, Brian Qwast, Craig Chapple, Dave Wall, Dave Wright, Ed "Buz" Williams, Ethan Smith, Gordon Frisbie, Grant Olsen, Jake Carpenter, Jake Hite, Jill Germain, Joe Sepi, Julie Martin, Justin Brown, Katherine Carpenter, Katie Goss, Ken McCall, Kip Larson, Mary Ragan, Mike Rogers, Moon Patrol, Phedra Andreas, Phillip Townsend, Rik Tessensohn, Ross Albriton, Ryan "Scully" Davis, Sleep Capsule, Steve Kramer, 31 Knots, Tom Lowe, Tony Lowe, Wendy Fox, Whonchee Lee